Hair Stem Cell Therapy (Autologous Micro Graft Treatment)

Hair Stem Cell Therapy (Autologous Micro Graft Treatment)

Autologous Micro Graft treatment Regenera Activa is an alternative and extremely safe method for the solution of hair problems, which ensures the regeneration of capillaries by stimulating them.

The hair follicles located on the nape and behind the ears are genetically coded to remain resistant and healthy. Regenera Activa treatment is based on the logic of obtaining a special cell suspension from these healthy hair follicles and applying the suspension to the problematic scalp to support sick and lifeless hair follicles.


With Regenera Activa treatment, hair loss problem decreases after 2-3 weeks, and new hair is targeted to grow after 3 months. This innovative solution for hair loss problems attracts a lot of attention.


How Does Regenera Activa Treatment Work?


Hair stem cell therapy is aimed with the regenera activa method; to strengthen and renew hair follicles by stimulating the regeneration of capillaries. The most important feature of the treatment is that this effect is made by the person's own cells.


How to Apply Regenera Activa?


Hair loss is mostly seen in the forehead and top regions of men and women. Hair follicles are hereditarily coded to stay healthy and resistant at all times. Regenera Activa system is applied to dead hair follicles to support problematic scalp areas by preparing a special cell suspension from these healthy and strong hair follicles.


Hair root treatment is a painless and painless procedure performed by applying local anesthesia and taking 3-4 punches from the hair in the area behind the ear. This treatment, which usually lasts for a single session, is converted into a special super cell suspension in the Regenera Activa system and a special hair loss treatment is prepared only from your own tissue. The treatment takes about 30 minutes. A single session is applied.


Is Regenera Activa Treatment Suitable for Everyone?


Regenera activa treatment is applied in all hair loss except baldness that leaves scars or occurs due to infection. This method is suitable for both women and men. In addition, it is a suitable treatment method for supporting the hair that has been over-processed like dye and worn. In such cases, Regenera Activa supports the hair structure by providing capillary regeneration.


Was Regenera Activa Developed As An Alternative To Hair Transplantation Method?


Regenera Activa treatment is not an alternative method to hair transplantation technique, but an auxiliary method for hair transplantation. Especially male patients who lost their hair at a young age should wait for certain ages for hair transplantation. Meanwhile, with Regenera Activa, hair loss is slowed down and reduced. On the other hand, this method, which is prepared by using only 3-4 of the thousands of hair follicles taken during hair transplantation, is a very important support for rapid recovery as well as rapid and strong growth of the transplanted hair. For this, hair transplantation and Regenera Activa treatment can be done at the same time.


Benefits of Regenera Activa Treatment


Hair problem is a problem that many people experience. Especially genetics and stress; Many reasons such as thyroid diseases, chronic diseases, iron deficiency, some medications, poor quality diet and use of poor quality products trigger hair loss.


Regenera Activa, the innovative method applied for hair loss, largely solves hair problems in men and women.


When Regenera Activa is applied, especially in the period when hair loss has just begun, shedding decreases and returns to its normal course, and baldness is postponed to advanced ages or it prevents baldness. Although the results vary from person to person, it is successfully used as an effective method. In addition, Regenera Activa is a good option for those who do not want to have a hair transplant.


The main benefits of Regenera Activa treatment are as follows;


  • It protects and revitalizes the existing hair of people.
  • Thickening and strengthening long and weak hair.
  • Regenera Activa helps to have a voluminous and hairy appearance by thickening the hair strands of many people with thin hair strands.
  • It activates the dead hair cells under the scalp and raises them above the scalp.
  • In addition to these, Regenera Activa treatment not only serves as a preparatory treatment for hair transplantation, but also increases the success of hair transplantation by applying it during or after a while.


After How Long Does Regenera Activa Treatment Give Results?


Stem cell therapy Regenera Activa, although it varies from person to person, the results begin to be seen after about 3-4 months. However, it shows its real effect in appearance at the end of 6 months. The main result of the treatment is seen after 1 year.

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Regenera Activa Hair Stem Cell Therapy
Regenera Activa Hair Stem Cell Therapy

Regenera Activa is an innovative method used to treat hair loss issues. In this procedure, healthy hair follicle stem cells taken from the patient’s own body are injected into areas of thinning scalp.

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