Trabzon Botox Application

Trabzon Botox Application

Aging, wrinkles and sagging are among the problems we all experience over time. We have come to you with an advice to bring back the youth that time has taken from us as we age.

Aging, wrinkles and sagging are among the problems we all experience over time. We have come to you with an advice to bring back the youth that time has taken from us as we age. Botox application, which is highly preferred in recent times, is among the most preferred applications to restore the vitality of the skin.

Botox is a drug that was first used in the treatment of strabismus, to relax the overtightened muscles and correct strabismus. Today, in addition to muscle spasms, it is used safely in many areas such as the relief of chronic migraine pain, the treatment of excessive sweating, the treatment of urinary incontinence, and jaw joint diseases.


For what purposes is Botox used in aesthetics?

Botox application is a non-surgical aesthetic procedure used in the treatment of skin wrinkles and deep scars. Botox, which is a safe material obtained from botulinum toxin, is injected into the area where the body needs it. Botox procedures, which are applied both in terms of aesthetics and health, have become the trends of recent years.

Although the anatomical structure of the people is similarly located, the use of mimics is different. Botox injection points are planned individually after the person's examination. Thus, the result to be obtained softens the expression without completely blocking it, and prevents the formation of deep lines when using mimics.

Botox can also be applied at an early age to prevent the formation of wrinkles. Application in low doses is called baby botox.


Wrinkle Treatment

Botox is also used safely in the treatment of wrinkles. The main application areas on the upper face are to eliminate the vertical lines between the eyebrows on the forehead, to reduce the crow's feet lines around the eyes, and the horizontal lines formed by the eyebrow lift on the forehead. In addition, the rabbit lines on both sides of the nose also benefit from botox application. Botox application is also preferred in removing the vertical bands formed by the contraction of the muscles in the neck and it is called neck botox.


Clenching (BRUXISM) Treatment

Clenching is a stress-triggered disease, the cause of which cannot be determined exactly. In this case, the person clenches, grinds or presses their teeth together. As a result, damage to the jaw joint, wear on the tooth surfaces, and shortening of the tooth length may develop in the long term. In addition, growth may occur in the muscle that attaches to both sides of the chin and extends to the cheekbone, which we call the masseter in the chin, and as a result, an angular, masculine appearance occurs instead of an oval appearance on the face. This situation will cause a vicious circle in teeth clenching. If Botox is applied into the masseter muscle, the contraction of the muscle is partially blocked and the muscle mass becomes thinner over time. Its effect lasts up to 6 months. When it is done in repeated doses, it is seen that the need for chin botox disappears.


Over-sweating Treatment

Excessive sweating is an undesirable condition that negatively affects the social life and relationships of the person and reduces the quality of life. The difference from normal sweating is that the area is constantly wet. This condition can be seen in the armpits as well as in many parts of the body such as sweating in the palms, soles of the feet, and scalp. It may be a genetically transmitted disease or it may develop due to another underlying disease. It is an application that can be done by people who want to spend the summer period more comfortably, even if they do not have excessive sweating complaints.



Blepharospasm is the involuntary contraction of the eye muscles. If this condition is not treated, it can become a situation that prevents vision as it will restrict the person's field of vision. For this purpose, unlike botox, which is made aesthetically, botox is applied to the muscles around the eyes, allowing these muscles to relax and involuntary contractions are eliminated.


Migraine Treatment

The place of Botox in the treatment of migraine disease emerged as a result of coincidence. It has been observed that migraine pain and the frequency of attacks decreased in patients who underwent botox application for aesthetic purposes. After researches, it has been shown that botox blocks the muscles that compress the nerves at various points that cause the onset of migraine attacks, and pain attacks are prevented because there is no contraction in these muscles. Thus, botox started to be used in the elimination of migraine-related complaints. In this case, the effect period is 4-6 months.


Which Patients Are Candidates For Migraine Botox?

Every patient who has a migraine attack can have botox application, but the ideal candidates are those who have a high frequency of attacks, this affects their quality of life and has to use too many drugs.


How is Botox Application Made?

Before starting the Botox application, the area to be treated is anesthetized by applying anesthetic cream. Then, botox substances specially prepared for the person are injected into the skin with the help of fine-tipped needles. A short-term cold compress can be applied to prevent swelling after the application. Botox application takes about 15-20 minutes and no pain or stinging sensation occurs.


Why Botox Applications Are Made?

Botox applications are a procedure that can be applied both in terms of health and aesthetics. With Botox applications, fine wrinkles and deep scars are eliminated. In addition to aesthetic beauty, there may be cases where it is applied in terms of health. Botox application;


  • Reducing or eliminating existing wrinkles
  • To prevent new wrinkles to form
  • To give vitality and glow to the face
  • Eyebrow lift
  • Prevent teeth grinding
  • Nose tip lift
  • Prevent excessive sweating
  • Treating migraine headaches

It is the most common non-surgical aesthetic procedure applied to find solutions to complaints such as


How Long Does Botox Take?

Botox applications are among the most preferred aesthetic applications, as well as the most preferred area for botox. The duration of the effect of Botox may differ from person to person. Botox procedures applied for the first time continue to be effective for an average of 4 to 6 months. If these applications are repeated, the duration of effect can be extended up to 8 to 10 months. In people who use mimics a lot, in smokers, in the case of habits such as face yoga, massage, sauna, the effect of botox drug may last less than 4 months.


Things to Consider After Botox Application

Botox application is not a painful and painful process. Mild bruising or redness is common after Botox and these are temporary side effects. However, there are a few points to be considered after botox application. After the application, water should not come into contact with the area for at least 6 hours. Afterwards, you should take care to wash your face with soft movements and using cold water. It is very important to avoid strenuous exercises and heavy activities after Botox application. It is not recommended to use it because smoking and alcohol use adversely affect the effect of botox.


Who Is Botox Applied, Are There Any Side Effects?

There is no age restriction for botox applied for the treatment of diseases, and botox made for aesthetic purposes can be applied to individuals over the age of 18.


Trabzon Botox Application Prices 2022

Botox application is applied to eliminate facial wrinkles, deep lines and sagging. Apart from aesthetic applications, it can be applied in processes such as excessive sweating, migraine pain, teeth clenching treatment. In botox application, there may be price differences depending on the material used, the area where the botox is applied and the clinic where the procedure is performed. For Trabzon botox application prices, you can easily access detailed information by coming to our clinic. We wish you healthy days.

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