Trabzon New Generation Solution in Regional Slimming: PB Serum

Trabzon New Generation Solution in Regional Slimming: PB Serum

The hot weather, the harbinger of summer months, started to warm us slowly. With the arrival of summer, the only question in mind is how will I stay in shape? started to be a question.

The hot weather, the harbinger of summer months, started to warm us slowly. With the arrival of summer, the only question in mind is how will I stay in shape? started to be a question. It is not possible to lose weight equally in every part of the body with diet practices alone. In addition to a regular and healthy diet, you can easily achieve the lively and firm body you dream of with regional slimming practices. With regional thinning applications, fat molecules are activated and burned in areas where fat accumulation is high. PB serum, specially developed as an anti-cellulite, fat burner and firming agent, is among the applications that will come to our aid in the problem of regional thinning.


Next Generation Enzyme Therapy What is PB Serum?
PB serum, which has remained popular in the aesthetic world of recent years, is a specially developed serum as a fat burner, firming and anti-cellulite. PB serum basically contains 3 main enzymes. These enzymes are; collagenase, lipase and lyase. After PB serum is injected into the skin, the body begins to produce the necessary substances to regain the most ideal shape unique to you. Since PB is a serum enzyme, it only acts where the body needs it.


To Which Areas Is PB Serum Applied?
PB serum works locally to restore lost collagen. Since the enzymes in the PB serum are completely biological, it does not cause any side effects in the body. Each enzyme in the content of Pb serum is used to solve the problems in different regions. When we look at the types of PB serum, we can say that there are three different types as high, medium and low.

Low form helps tighten the under-eye bags.
The medium form is the form that is effective in thinning adipose tissues and burning fat.
High form is used in neck wrinkles and sagging, abdominal fat, correction of cellulite appearance, cracks, burns and rough skin.

If we list the effects in the areas where PB serum is applied in detail, PB serum;
● Eliminates oil build-up
● Effective in removing wrinkles
● Reduces blemishes and makes skin more vibrant
● Eliminates acne scars
● Treats stretch marks
● Eliminates intra-leg fat
● Treats cellulite
● Effective on sagging in any part of the body
● Reduces skin edema


How is PB Serum Applied?

Before applying PB serum, which provides regional thinning and tightening, the area to be treated is determined and drawn with a skin marker pen. Then, the area is anesthetized by applying anesthetic cream so that there is no pain or pain sensation during the procedure. With the help of a fine-tipped needle, specially prepared PB serum enzymes are injected into the skin. The application takes about 15-20 minutes and it is possible to return to daily life immediately after the application.


Who is PB Serum Applied to?
PB Serum is a completely natural product that does not contain any preservatives. PB serum, which is applied as a result of aging and sagging on the skin, can be applied to healthy people over the age of 25 with the recommendation of a dermatologist.


Things to Consider After PB Serum Application
Enzymes in the content of PB serum are used in different regions for different problems.
is used. It provides tightening in the areas where it is applied, giving the skin a more fit appearance. PB serum application usually starts to show its effect after 2 sessions. It is not recommended to do heavy sports and to enter steamy environments such as Turkish bath and sauna after PB serum application. It is also very important to protect the area where PB serum is applied from all kinds of impacts.


Trabzon PB Serum Prices 2022
When Trabzon PB serum interacts with the body, it provides tightening, revitalization and regional thinning effects. PB serum is a highly preferred application for the rejuvenation, revitalization and improvement of the skin. PB serum application varies according to the region where the application is made, the type of materials used and the clinic where the procedure is performed. You can reach detailed information about Trabzon PB serum application from our contact addresses.

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