Maternity Aesthetics

Maternity Aesthetics

Pregnancy and becoming a mother is one of the important steps in a woman's life.

Pregnancy and becoming a mother is one of the important steps in a woman's life. As soon as you hold your baby in your arms, you know that your life will not be the same anymore, but this may cause some changes in your body.


During pregnancy, some deformations may occur in your body. Although the body enters the recovery process with the weight lost after birth, surgical intervention called maternity aesthetics may be required for some deformations.


What is Maternity Aesthetics?


Maternity aesthetics; It can be defined as a series of plastic surgery packages that enable the body to return to its old form by removing the deformations that occur in the body after pregnancy and childbirth.


What Is Aimed With Maternity Aesthetics?


Various changes occur in the abdomen, chest, skin and vagina of the woman's body after pregnancy and childbirth. In case of dissatisfaction with these changes, maternity aesthetics can be applied. With maternity aesthetics; Surgical procedure is performed by intervening in one time or in stages according to the need on the breasts, genital area and abdomen.


To Whom and In Which Situations Is It Applied?


There are some rules that must be followed for the realization of maternity aesthetics. In order for this application to be carried out, at least 6 months must have passed since the birth and the baby must have been weaned. The reason for giving a period of 6 months for the implementation of maternity aesthetics is to allow time for the body to renew itself and to wait for the breast reduction, breast augmentation or breast lift to complete the breastfeeding period, shrink the milk ducts and take the final shape of the breast.


What are the Types of Maternity Aesthetics and Application Techniques?


Maternity aesthetics is achieved by performing several procedures at the same time, which are presented as a package. The operations in this package can be listed as follows:

  • Breast augmentation and lift: It is applied by placing a silicone prosthesis into the breast.
  • Liposuction: It is performed by removing excess fat from the back, arms, hips and abdomen. Liposuction surgery is performed before tummy tuck.
  • Abdominal stretching: Whether it was a normal or cesarean birth, if you are not genetically lucky, it is inevitable to experience abdominal cracks. With the tummy tuck procedure, excess fat and sagging skin tissue in this area are removed, resulting in a tighter skin appearance.
  • Labiaplasty: After birth, the inner lips of the vulva may relax and lengthen and take on a longer appearance than the outer lips. This situation can become a challenge for the person in daily life. With the labiaplasty procedure, it is aimed to reduce the inner lips and return them to their former appearance. Within the scope of the application, the excess skin in the vulva area is removed.




There are some situations that should be considered after the application of maternity aesthetics. Let's briefly talk about these situations:

  • Care should be taken not to carry heavy loads in the early period after the application. This includes your baby.
  • Swelling and pain may be felt in the body for up to 15 days after the surgery. This may cause restriction of movements. You can request painkillers from your doctor to relieve the pain that occurs. However, we recommend that you do not take medication without consulting your doctor.
  • Taking care of a healthy diet after birth and exercising in a way that will not force your body are also important ways to regain your old appearance. In order to maintain your fit appearance after the application of maternity aesthetics, it is of great importance to follow a sports and balanced diet.


Surgery and Recovery Process


The healing process after the application of maternity aesthetics may differ from person to person and from body to body. It can take an average of 3 months to complete the full recovery process.


While in the healing process, care should be taken not to smoke. Smoking during the first 15 days after the application will adversely affect this process. Not lifting heavy for several months will also speed up the healing process. However, there is no harm in working at desk jobs and doing light physical activities, provided that attention is paid.


Creating a balanced nutrition program and maintaining an eating habit that is mostly vegetables, protein and grains are also extremely important in terms of accelerating the healing process and preserving the body shape obtained after maternity aesthetics.


In plastic and aesthetic surgery, it is important to know yourself and be aware of your wishes.
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