The nose is one of the important organs that defines the human face and undertakes the respiratory function.

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What is Nose Aesthetics (Rhinoplasty)?

The nose is one of the important organs that defines the human face and undertakes the respiratory function. With rhinoplasty applications, it is aimed to obtain a nose that is compatible with the whole face by preserving or improving the breathing function, which is the main task of the nose.


The characteristic features of the nose and face vary from person to person. In some people, the nose may be wide, long, large or arched. Cartilage and bone curvatures, low nasal tip, large nostrils and breathing difficulties due to deformities are common complaints. Individuals apply to rhinoplasty applications sometimes in order to eliminate respiratory problems and sometimes purely for aesthetic concerns.


What are the Rhinoplasty Methods?


  • Open Nose Surgery (Open rhinoplasty)

Open nose surgery is performed by making a small incision in the area between the nostrils. With this method, the surgeon performs an intervention by seeing the nasal septum more clearly.


  • Closed Nose Surgery (Closed rhinoplasty):

In closed nose surgery, the incision is made through the nostrils. In the closed method, there is no visible trace from the outside. Closed rhinoplasty application is more difficult than open rhinoplasty and it is important that the surgeon is experienced in closed nose surgery.


  • Profiloplasty:

Profiloplasty consists of combined procedures applied to improve the harmony of the organs forming the facial profile, such as the nose, forehead, chin and lips. Profiloplasty is performed by applying a series of aesthetic operations or medical procedures.


  • Laser Nose Aesthetics:

In the laser rhinoplasty technique, the thick nasal skin is thinned with the help of CO2 laser. Recovery time is shorter.


  • Piezo Nose Aesthetics:

Piezo rhinoplasty is a method that allows changes to be made in the nasal bone with the help of sound waves technology, without breaking the nasal bone and without damaging the soft tissue, vessels and nerves in the nose.


  • Tip Plasti (Nose Tip Aesthetics)

Tip Plasti is a method used to correct nasal tip deformities. This method, which is routinely applied in classical rhinoplasty applications to ensure integrity, can also be applied alone to change or clarify the angle of the nose tip.


In plastic and aesthetic surgery, it is important to know yourself and be aware of your wishes.
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What is Nose Aesthetic Surgery?
What is Nose Aesthetic Surgery?

Nasal aesthetics (rhinoplasty) are surgical operations applied to eliminate congenital or subsequent deformities in the nose as a result of impact.


Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure to change the shape of the nose. It can be performed for aesthetic and/or functional reasons, altering the size and shape of the nose or correcting breathing issues.

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